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The Miss G__ Project for Equity in Education is a grassroots young feminist organization working to combat all forms of oppression in and through education, including sexism, homophobia, racism and classism.

Dedicated to feminist anti-oppression politics with a strong focus on education, our mandate is to provide young people, particularly young women, with the opportunity, support, and resources necessary to analyze and influence issues that affect their lives and futures. This includes acting as a community resource and mounting political actions towards the ongoing improvement of publicly funded education to meet its own policy commitments to equity in education, respect for diversity, critical thinking, and the provision of a safe and secure environment.

Our current objective is to get a Women's & Gender Studies Course into the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum.

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'The Media is Not Fooling Me':
An Actology


An activist anthology of art and writing by high school aged youth that will take on and challenge the media.

Presented by
The Miss G__ Project.

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Miss G's statement
at Queen's Park International Women's Day Press Conference held March 7, 2008


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